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Guys, ever tired of translating paragraphs of sentences from malay to english or vice versa?? i know how it feel as i did it a lot of time previously..So here i recommending an online translator that will help you ease ur burden and give u al least a bit less headache. The website CITCAT.COM is the database is updated regularly to further enhance the vocab..

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Tempat Percutian Gambang Waterpark, Kuantan Pahang

Gambang Waterpark, Kuantan Pahang


weekdays - 11am to 6 pm
weekends - 10 am to 6 pm
(Public Holiday / School Holiday)
Closed - Every Tuesday (except public holiday / school holiday)

Theme Park Entrance Ticket Price

Adult (13 years & above)
RM 28
Child (90cm - 12 years)
RM 18


Location Map
Easily accessible from the KL / Klang Valley through the East Coast Expressway (Lebuhraya Timur Barat) and exit via the Gambang toll. The site is about 8 from the Gambang toll and 35 km from Kuantan town.

60-acre Water Park have features, amongst others, a scenic lake, 1km of man-made beach, water lagoon, jungle retreat and facilities surrounded by a 2ndary jungle that offers shady, cool setting, conducive for the whole family. Experience the joy and thrills of splashing in a 25,000 sq ft wave pool, a river raft ride, a six-lane racer sliders, and etc.


You Want to Buy a NOKIA XPRESS MUSIC 5800 (TUBE)?


Here a step by step guide on what,where and how you should when purchasing your tube?

Step 1
Where to buy?
Official Retail Price: RM1030
(Original Distributor: Zitron, Avaxx, Sapura)

Tube comes with 3 colours RED , BLUE & BLACK (Latest color)

Recommend Seller
Address 60, Jalan ss2/66, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03-7875 4800 Their Price = RM 1030 (ZITRON/AVAXX)

**Price may vary on different place and time**

Step 2
a) *#92702689# = LIFETIMER MAKE SURE ITS 000000:00

d) Check the screen for dead pixel by changing the screen to 1 colour.
e) Check for any physical or tempted damage on the phone body

Step 3
Tube is known to have a few problems
1) Earpiece problem <-- New Batch Problem Fix
You can check this by pressing on the earpiece when making a call the volume should be constant and not soft then loud.
2) Battery loose problem
You can check this by shaking the phone the screen should not turn off
3) Light Leakage Problem
Most phone having this problem on the top right where your signal bar is look under there should be some light leaking out

Volume button SIDE VIEW

If you found any problem with your phone immediate insist to change another set.

Step 4
Check out their accessories maybe you can get a bundle price for it
a) Screen protector
b) Windscreen Mount for your phone
c) USB charger to Nokia 2.5 inch head

Step 5
Congratulations you now own a BLUE or RED or BLACK TUBE.

Step 6 
First thing to do when you get your tube is Do a soft format by *#7370# and the lock code default is 12345 before start using to prevent certificate error

Once you bought your 5800XM?

Once you bought your 5800XM?

First steps with the Nokia 5800
So, you've bought a 5800 and got it home from the shops? Or perhaps you've got a 5800 ordered in the post and it's just on its way to you?

Well, don't do ANYTHING more until you've read our guide to your first steps with the 5800. Don't even switch it on yet! :-)
Are you ready? Here we go...

1. Check you've got everything you paid for
The 5800 comes with various bits and pieces included in the box, it's important to make sure you have them all as soon as you buy the phone.

Note that accessories may vary from region to region, and network-locked models may also have different sales packages. The following list is what comes with the standard European unlocked 5800:

 - The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone (probably covered with stickers to protect the screen and camera during transit)

 - Two styluses (one is inserted in the bottom right corner of the phone, the other is a spare in the box)

 - A flexible plastic protective case

 - Official Nokia BL-5J battery

 - Official Nokia charger

 - Standard microUSB cable

 - A microSD memory card, possibly already inserted into the phone's card slot (the storage size of the card may vary, but ours came with an 8 gigabyte capacity)

 - 3.5mm headphones in two pieces, with a playback control panel in the middle

 - 3.5mm TV Out cable

 - A foldable stand for propping up the phone while watching videos, with a cord for attaching it to the phone

 - A plectrum for use as an alternative to the stylus, with a cord for attaching it to the phone

 - A quick start booklet

 - Printed manual

 - Mini-DVD with software for PCs
If anything gets lost or broken, see our special tutorial on what comes with the 5800's sales package and how to replace anything that's missing.

2. Charge the 5800 until it's full
Take the phone and battery out of their wrapping, and insert the battery making sure that its holes match up to the prongs in the phone. If you're unsure how to do this take a look at the quick start guide that comes with the phone.

(Long-time Nokia users may be surprised to see the "wrong" side of the battery facing outwards, but don't worry, it is meant to be that way round.)

When you've got the battery inserted properly and snapped the casing back on, attach the charger and plug it into the mains. You can use any Nokia charger with an appropriate-size pin, though different types of Nokia chargers fill the battery at different rates (if you look on the charger you will see a "mA" number, this is higher in chargers that charge faster).

Now to kill a couple of myths:

 - You do NOT need to empty the battery before charging!

 - You do NOT need to charge the battery for 24 hours on first use!

There are many misconceptions from the days of older types of batteries which suffered from the "memory effect". Modern lithium phone batteries work in a much more flexible way, and do not require any special treatment when first used.
Batteries do eventually wear out of course, but you should be able to get a couple of years use from a brand new phone battery.

Charging the battery usually takes a couple of hours if it's close to empty. After you've fully charged the battery you can insert your SIM card (there are illustrated instructions in the Quick Start guide), and then turn the phone on with the power switch on the top of the phone.
Incidentally, if you want to remove your SIM card there are instructions on how to do this beneath the battery, basically just use the stylus to nudge it out of the slot.

3. Update the phone's firmware
You can find out more about this in our firmware update tutorial:
How to update the firmware on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

4. You may want to switch off the automatic screenlock
Don't panic if the phone screen goes totally black and doesn't respond to touch!

By default the 5800 dims its screen and locks itself within a certain time limit. This is to stop it being accidentally pressed if you put it in your pocket, and the screen being off saves battery life. The phone itself is still running, it just doesn't respond to touch while it's locked.

You can easily unlock the 5800 by just flicking the unlock switch in the middle of the phone's right side. Flicking the switch again locks the screen and dims it. The switch is there for when you want to put your phone in a pocket or bag.

If you want to switch off this automatic locking, do the following:
Press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Phone", select "Phone Management", select "Auto Keyguard", select "None". Press the red button to get back to the front page.

Once the automatic keyguard is off, you can still lock the phone manually by flicking the switch. You can also put the keyguard back on using the instructions above.

5. You may want to switch off the touchscreen vibrations
By default the 5800 vibrates slightly when you touch the screen. If you find this annoying, you can switch it off by doing the following:
Press the white menu button, select "Settings", select "Personal", select "Profiles", select "General" (or whatever profile you normally use), select "Personalise", select "Touch Screen Vibration", select "Off". Press the red button to get back to the front page.

You can switch it back on, or vary the level of vibration, by the same method.

6. You may want to switch off Automatic Screen Rotation
Like many smartphones, the 5800 automatically goes into horizontal mode when it's held horizontally, and vertical mode when held vertically.
If you prefer to have your 5800 stay permanently in one mode, click here to see our tutorial on how to switch off Automatic Screen Rotation.

7. Copying your SIM card's contacts onto the phone
The 5800 stores its contacts in the phone's own memory. If you have contacts stored on your SIM card, you may want to copy them over to your 5800's contacts list.

In theory the 5800 may ask you if you want to copy your contacts automatically, but if it doesn't here's how to do it manually:

On the phone's front page, press the Contacts icon (the grey button on the right at the bottom of the screen). Select "Options", select "Settings", select "Contacts To Display", tick the "SIM memory" box (and make sure the "Phone Memory" box is ticked too), select "OK", select "Back".

You should now be back to the contacts screen, and all your SIM card's contacts will be visible. To copy them into the 5800's memory: select "Options", select "Mark/Unmark", select "Mark All", select "Options", select "Copy", select "Phone Memory".

You should now see all your SIM contacts listed a second time, because they're also in the phone memory. If you find this doubling up to be confusing, you can hide the SIM contacts by doing the following: select "Options", select "Settings", select "Contacts To Display", untick the "SIM Memory" box (but make sure the "Phone Memory" box is still ticked), select "OK", select "Back".

And voila, you have all your SIM card's contacts now transferred to the 5800's memory.
 One of the 5800's nicest functions, TV Out, lets you use the phone on a standard television set

8. Try out the phone's various functions to make sure they work properly
Now here comes the fun part: explore and use as many of your 5800's functions as possible, to verify that they work.

It's important to do this as soon as you buy a phone, because if something is broken straight out of the box you should let the shop you bought it from know about it as soon as possible.

The 5800 is a multitasking S60 smartphone, and you can access its main menu by pressing the white button on the front of the phone. You can run several applications at once, and switch between them at any time by holding down the white button.

If you ever get lost or stuck on a phone, you can get back to the front page (also called the "standby screen") by pressing the red button.

9. If you have problems...
If the 5800 is broken or if there's something missing from the sales package, contact the shop you bought it from straight away. It's important to make contact as quickly as possible, because many countries' consumer laws offer you added protection when problems appear a short time after purchase. Purchasing phones with a credit card may also offer added protection.

Missing items and phones that are broken on delivery are generally the responsibility of the shop, and they should normally repair or replace anything in those circumstances.

Problems that happen on the phone after a period of use are generally the responsibility of the manufacturer, and they usually have a 1 or 2 year guarantee during which they'll repair or replace phones which break down. Within the European Union there's normally a 2 year guarantee on all Nokia phones, and this guarantee is valid across the entire EU (so for example if you buy a new Nokia phone in Germany and then move to France, the guarantee is still valid in France). In non-EU countries the guarantee period and terms may vary.

If you think Nokia should repair or replace your phone, the first step is to contact your local Nokia "care point". You can do this by going to, selecting your local website, then clicking on the "Get Support" link at the top, then clicking on "Repair". Your phone shop should also be able to direct you to the nearest care point.

If you need help and advice with the 5800, go to and click on the "Get Support" link, or alternatively visit All About Symbian's 5800 forum by clicking here.

10. Buying accessories for your 5800
As mentioned above, you can use third party headphones with the 5800, and in fact we here at AAS would recommend this. Nokia's own headphones aren't always the best, and third party manufacturers which specialise in audio equipment often produce much better ones. As long as they have a standard 3.5mm jack they will work with the 5800.

Third party memory cards are also fine, the 5800 can officially support microSD/microSDHC cards up to 16 gigabytes in size (and unofficially it may cope with even larger cards). Cards made by major companies like SanDisk and Kingston are just as reliable as Nokia's own-brand cards. If you are going to buy a card, try to buy it new from a reputable shop. Try NOT to buy memory cards from online auction sites, as there's a risk of getting counterfeit cards that don't last very long.

The top of the 5800: the power button, charging jack, 3.5mm jack and microUSB port

Antivirus Percuma Terbaik!!

Hemm, ble sebut psl antivirus PERCUMA aka FREE yg terbaik ni. Mcm2 jenis antivirus kte bole fikirkan AVG, Avira AntiVir, Clam, Avast, Bit Defender & mcm2 lg la..Tp setelah bertahun berkecimpung dlm arena penggunaan OS Windows ni..mmg satu je yg ak nmpk

1. efisien dgn scanning yg pantas
2. high virus detection rate (smpi false positive die pn tggi gle!!),
3. included anti-spyware
4. interface (paparan) yg mudah& user friendly


Avira AntiVir Personal

New Anime On-Going Series!!

Haa korg ni kalo bab katun, movies laju jer..okay ak sharekan tempat download anime on going series. Bgusnya website ni fast update & download (mediafire, Jd setiap hari Khamis korg bole dpt download latest episodes. Utk completed series ak xrecommend dr sini sbb die jarang ade mediafire tp gne megaupload (sucks) yg lembab lg ade waiting time, plk tu xleh multiple download mcm mediafire ( mediafire rules!! \(^^)/~ )

Website len pn bole download anime apsal website ni?Ok mudah je sbbnye, 1. die gne mediafire (cepat & bole gne download manager), weekly update latest episode, & yg plg best skali format MP4 yg high quality dan saiz yg sgt kecil 50MB shj!! bkn mcm rmvb (sucks) slalu timing suare lari dr animation).

Ok skg ni mne 1 nk download dl? mne yg best?Skg yg ak tgh dok tgk..tnpa ikut susunan ranking:
1. Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn
2. Naruto
3. Bleach
4. Hanasakeru Seishonen (great artwork..^^ )
5. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
6. Fairy Tail
7. Cross Game
8. Tatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra
9. Yumeiro Patissiere (psl masak pastry & kek..mmg sedap!!)
10. The Sacred Blacksmith

Ade org tnye mcm mne nk gne download manager & apa yg paling laju, user friendly? Akan di bincangkn kemudian dlm kategori Software.  ^^

Best Free Graphics & Pictures Editor

Lps ak mrayau2 dlm tenet ak pn cr la editor gmbar yg bole buat kerja2 simple editing..program yg xberat & user friendly..


PhotoScape 3.4 is an all-in-one style photo editor with fun and ease of use. Major capabilities are: viewer, editor, batch editor, page, combine, animated GIF, print, splitter, screen capture, color picker, rename, raw converter, resizing, brightness/color/white-balance adjustment, backlight correction, frames, balloons, text, drawing pictures, cropping, filters, red eye removal and blooming. PhotoScape has been used for two years and is expanding its features continuously.

Nampak Gempak x blog aku? Camne nk wat gempak camni?

Hemm da lame rsnye ak x blogging, dan utk meraikan keaktifan ak blogging smula ak pn upload la template br ni, amacam nmpk grand kan?br la org tgk pn xjemu. rsnye ade yg xtau lg blog skg da maju xmacam dl..ataupn sbnrnye mls nk makeup2 blog mcm ak ni (ade org kate ak ni mcm pompuan..haha). xkesah la asalkan ak bahagia..

ok, ak share camne nk upload template2 yg fresh & x membosankan. Sbnrnye korg bole google "blogspot templates" & download la mne yg korg berkenan. File extensionnye ***.xml (pastikan korg tau ni supaya xsilap). Dlm byk2 ak plg mnat dr cni & ak sertakn langkah2nye skali.

1. Google atau layari blog ini


2. Download file .xml

3. Pegi ke ^Dashboard^ blog korg. Then pegi ke ^ Layout > Edit HTML > Browse (cr tmpt ktne korg da download) > Upload > Save Template ^

4. View Blog korg dan lihat hasilnya

pape nk tanye komen la utk maklumat lanjut.

I hope (really do) that she notice it..

It's 5:42 a.m. in the morning. Damn my eyes just won't close, my stubborn body just won't fall asleep. Maybe bcoz of the coffee or maybe bcoz of the "juta2 lemons" of things I'm thinking in my head right now (it's actually only one or two things, I'm just exaggerating..haha lol)

Anyway, arrgh why girls are sometimes so thickheaded!! We (guys) give them so many times the CALL SIGNS yet they still clueless!! Just notice it already!! If it's BOXING, they'd be KOed by now.

Know this girls around the globe, guys sometimes is an EGOIST (well, actually most of the times). Meaning we are like Lions, roaring and pissing here and there. We don't really show our weak side (cryin, hurt or jealous..etc). Then how you know they r sad? Or hurt inside (merajuk)? Or jealous?

That's why you need to be alert on these CALL SIGNS. Since we won't express it by crying, puling faces or by saying it directly instead we'd rather gives of these call signs to show that we are sad/hurt/jealous. It's not hard to notice, a simple body language/gesture, eye movements. Once you notice it, next time if it happens again, you'll know what it means. Example? If for me when i'm hurt inside, usually i'll be less talkative and always focus my eyes at one place.

Deep inside we just want you to notice it and guess our heart felt. Only then we'll feel enlighthen and a bit proud (coz you just solved a Holmes mystery) eventhough only for a moment.

This is a song that i'm fond off ( i felt homesick..waaa)

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray - Butterfly Fly Away
Download link


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Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Seorang yg peramah (poyo gle) & mempunyai suare ala2 pompuan tp bkn nyah.haha yea je..Seorg yg pakar dlm menggunakan tgn (jgn slh anggap ok?), bkn pencuri atau penyeluk saku tp seorg pemain basketball, bowling, volleyball & smua game tgn (sorry Football xmnat la, Chelsea tu dr mne ak pn xtau tp kalo Lakers ak tau la). Bekerja sbg lecturer dan masih single mingle lg..cheewah promote sehh!! haha =P ym:

Kabare Everyone..

Welcome Guys..Just want to share anything i think i want to share, from Movies, Animes, Songs to mobile phones and softwares..and maybe a little advice here and there!!